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Guided discovery of real language use - Csíky Anna

1.000 Ft


Do your students ever ask whether you can say something in English and do you find yourself thinking, Well you can..., but we don't? Do you ever feel that coursebook material doesn't really reflect actual language use, whether it's stilted conversations or grammar rules that sound wrong? I do, and in this webinar we'll be looking at what we can do to help students (and ourselves) in these situations, taking advantage of the easily searchable collections of written and spoken English out there. 

Amennyiben NYESZE Tagiskolában dolgozó nyelvtanárként kívánsz részt venni a képzésen használd a NYESZE_NYELVTANAR kuponkódot, és 1000.- Ft kedvezményt adunk a képzés díjából!


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